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Sunday, February 22, 2009


Considered one of the most intelligent series to be ever shown, "the L word" is already on its final season. damn it... =(
so, no more of those girl-on-girl action, no more Jenny drama, no more Shane's quest..
hehehehehe ill be missing this show.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

sandcastles in the sand..

hahahaha this has got to be the weirdest song i have ever heard in my oblivious life...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Which Makeover

I chanced upon stumbling a blog by my old friend in my old work.. and i thought its pretty cool you get to change your face into something else... hehehe see for yourself

thanks nyl lim for this one!me, katong dili pa uso ang civilization..

supposedly someone who looks like a Greek person. in short: mura kog ilaga

me as a drunk person... hmmm ok lang

katong maihap pa ako bulbol.. aka teenager years

Heaven forbids, pero yaw sad intawn ingani ko katiguwang

me as a negro. hmmm mura kog naay kapareha ug nawung ah? kinsa kaha?... hehehehe xoxo

;as a botticelli daw... ambot kinsa na... pero im liking the pic.. totally unique.

me as a caucasian. aka the guy with the fivehead

another ilaga picture

me as Eugene of Ghost Fighter

the sip-onon years..

im an asian-indian... mura ra mag taga Carmen lang..

the alien child

me as aiza seguerra..

to get your pic morphed too, go to this website.....



it is that special time of the year again when the prices of bouquets are skyrocket high, the town is horrendously painted in red, and the motels are lined with cars like they are the hottest burger joint in town. yes, love is in the air, and it sucks!

i am going to do a disclaimer here that i am no emooooow, but i have to say that valentine's day is so commercialized it's making me gag.

there is nothing wrong about showing your love to your precious darling, but why make it oh so special on just one day, when you can show your simple love everyday?

la lang...

Monday, February 9, 2009

im barfing more anne curtis...

okay, i wouldn't argue that Anne Curtis is one of, if not the, most beautiful actresses of our generation, in fact she is one of the greatest actresses these days. But the thing is, don't magazines have enough of her to be on the cover? like MOST of the time?

it's been three years since i first saw Anne Curtis on the cover of MEGA, a local fashion mag. I thought wow! because, i do not know if its her first time to appear on Mega (which i highly doubt), but she looks good on the cover of March 2006:
then she appeared yet again on the cover of the same magazine (the picture of the cover is not google-ized) for the April 2007 issue..

... and then again for the February 2008 (cover pic not google-ized as well. hmmm, maybe people are getting tired already)....

... and then again for the September issue OF THE SAME YEAR...

... and the story goes on and on...

geez. i am not complaining about Anne, but isn't getting boring already? yeah i get it, shes beautiful, she's fashionista, she's 'it" (or in tagalog: siya ang taya), and she's all that but, pleaasseee.... MEGA people, if you guys are reading this, get some new ones from the roster of young stars today!

okay, for the sake of fairness to MEGA: if ever Preview Magazine will do the same with Judy Ann, or Ruffa, they will hear from me... =)

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Anna, This is soooooo you....

You are so explained... by science...


Saturday, February 7, 2009

something for patani...

here is something that is totally fake...

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I am Magman, I smoke

It took me sooner to write something here in my blog, which is very normal to me. As you see, I am very lazy.... LAAAAZZZYYYY person when it comes to keeping up my blog. but then again, there is one thing that keeps on killing the tired and weary persona in me. And that is my passion in writing.
As I have finished writing for my job, I went outside my home open up another pack of cigarettes and kept on thinking stuffs that are good to write in this blog. Well, I have thought of something, but as I finished taking a bath, and opened up my computer, I forgot what was it that I have to write about. Very... "me"

So now, I am thinking this is a bad thing. Wait. BAD... hmmm now I can write something.

Ladies and gents and to all my tubaan patrons, here is a dirty fact about me:

It is official: I am a smoker. I have never thought that I would become so serious about smoking. Well, the first time I smoked a stick was when I was in third grade. We had this restaurant that also sells cigarettes. I was so curious about it that I asked someone (I forgot who it was), if I can have a single stick. He/She said nope. So i waited patiently that there will be no people around, and took one stick of Hope Menthols (that I can still remember) and puffed it heavily and hastily. Well, that first stick was my last until I went to United States where I bought my first pack. But when I got back here it sort of died out, and thought I can be an occasional smoker (or social smoker). Until recently, a visit from my cousin, who is a smoker, bought packs and packs until I couldn't help but get one each time. And also, my brother, who is also a smoker, went home for Christmas vacation. I couldn't resist myself but get one again each time. I thought it would stop once my brother is gone, but I could only catch myself going to the nearest store and buy myself a pack. Baaaaaad...

Now, I am trying to stop though... I wish it would come to an end this year...