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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Which Makeover

I chanced upon stumbling a blog by my old friend in my old work.. and i thought its pretty cool you get to change your face into something else... hehehe see for yourself

thanks nyl lim for this one!me, katong dili pa uso ang civilization..

supposedly someone who looks like a Greek person. in short: mura kog ilaga

me as a drunk person... hmmm ok lang

katong maihap pa ako bulbol.. aka teenager years

Heaven forbids, pero yaw sad intawn ingani ko katiguwang

me as a negro. hmmm mura kog naay kapareha ug nawung ah? kinsa kaha?... hehehehe xoxo

;as a botticelli daw... ambot kinsa na... pero im liking the pic.. totally unique.

me as a caucasian. aka the guy with the fivehead

another ilaga picture

me as Eugene of Ghost Fighter

the sip-onon years..

im an asian-indian... mura ra mag taga Carmen lang..

the alien child

me as aiza seguerra..

to get your pic morphed too, go to this website.....


At March 10, 2009 at 11:31 PM , Blogger :: cb :: said...

you're welcome. haha di mo naman shinare sa multiply tong pics na to!


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