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Friday, January 30, 2009

The Bowt is Sinking...

Well, this is my second blog using this name here, and I am happy that I have managed to survive my blogs so far.

this blog is an inkling that I have been thinking of for quite a time now. I wanted to have this kind of blog, only for no particular reason/s, I just cant start.

No, this is not a blog for fashion reviews, not for the newest trends, or not even for some kind of vendetta for someone who owes you big time. But this blog, is simply for anything Id like to write about. and share it with other people, through my buffalo English, and sense of humor(you get it? sense of humor? haha!)

As the description of this blog says "whatever flowts my bowt" for sure i really mean it.

So there. You'll be seeing more of me. Ill just think of things to write then. hihi.


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