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Monday, February 9, 2009

im barfing more anne curtis...

okay, i wouldn't argue that Anne Curtis is one of, if not the, most beautiful actresses of our generation, in fact she is one of the greatest actresses these days. But the thing is, don't magazines have enough of her to be on the cover? like MOST of the time?

it's been three years since i first saw Anne Curtis on the cover of MEGA, a local fashion mag. I thought wow! because, i do not know if its her first time to appear on Mega (which i highly doubt), but she looks good on the cover of March 2006:
then she appeared yet again on the cover of the same magazine (the picture of the cover is not google-ized) for the April 2007 issue..

... and then again for the February 2008 (cover pic not google-ized as well. hmmm, maybe people are getting tired already)....

... and then again for the September issue OF THE SAME YEAR...

... and the story goes on and on...

geez. i am not complaining about Anne, but isn't getting boring already? yeah i get it, shes beautiful, she's fashionista, she's 'it" (or in tagalog: siya ang taya), and she's all that but, pleaasseee.... MEGA people, if you guys are reading this, get some new ones from the roster of young stars today!

okay, for the sake of fairness to MEGA: if ever Preview Magazine will do the same with Judy Ann, or Ruffa, they will hear from me... =)

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