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Saturday, February 7, 2009

I am Magman, I smoke

It took me sooner to write something here in my blog, which is very normal to me. As you see, I am very lazy.... LAAAAZZZYYYY person when it comes to keeping up my blog. but then again, there is one thing that keeps on killing the tired and weary persona in me. And that is my passion in writing.
As I have finished writing for my job, I went outside my home open up another pack of cigarettes and kept on thinking stuffs that are good to write in this blog. Well, I have thought of something, but as I finished taking a bath, and opened up my computer, I forgot what was it that I have to write about. Very... "me"

So now, I am thinking this is a bad thing. Wait. BAD... hmmm now I can write something.

Ladies and gents and to all my tubaan patrons, here is a dirty fact about me:

It is official: I am a smoker. I have never thought that I would become so serious about smoking. Well, the first time I smoked a stick was when I was in third grade. We had this restaurant that also sells cigarettes. I was so curious about it that I asked someone (I forgot who it was), if I can have a single stick. He/She said nope. So i waited patiently that there will be no people around, and took one stick of Hope Menthols (that I can still remember) and puffed it heavily and hastily. Well, that first stick was my last until I went to United States where I bought my first pack. But when I got back here it sort of died out, and thought I can be an occasional smoker (or social smoker). Until recently, a visit from my cousin, who is a smoker, bought packs and packs until I couldn't help but get one each time. And also, my brother, who is also a smoker, went home for Christmas vacation. I couldn't resist myself but get one again each time. I thought it would stop once my brother is gone, but I could only catch myself going to the nearest store and buy myself a pack. Baaaaaad...

Now, I am trying to stop though... I wish it would come to an end this year...



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